Hello Friends, Family and Lovers.  It is 10.19 pm on a Saturday night and we at EMS have just knocked off of work for the night. I have no idea what the other shops around Canada are doing but we here are non stop.  Why is that you ask??  Well…..I have no hard answers. However I have a belief in doing a fair job for a fair wage. Honesty and integrity are also some of my core beliefs. Also I am a rider and I understand what it means when your bike is broke. I am not perfect but try my best most of the time and that is the most we can all ask of someone.

Welcome to the new EMS website and blog. It was time to update and now I have the means to communicate and rant with the world.  This will be fun as the voices in my head are always fighting to be heard.  What will I be talking about??? Well….bikes, some rides, bygone days, tips, hockey, the difference between the sexes, teenagers, cars, EMS stuff and whatever else I feel like.  We have much going on and changes will be coming more and more. EMS is currently undergoing a massive rebranding and is celebrating ten years in the world.  They said I would never last a year and here I am in my fourth shop due to constant expansion and numbers that increase every year. Good problems to have. If only the lousy banks would help a guy out then I could grow faster. Yes I intend to expand again. More on that later.

Anyway…I am really tired and should try to sleep a bit. Talk to all later and thanks for stopping by.  EMS

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