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EMS was conceived in 2007 after the founder was working in the motorcycle industry for a few years and noticed that efficient and real time service was in demand and not being offered by any existing shops.
The concept of a quick service was shop was developed and EMS was born. We started offering real time hot oil changes and brake service as well as tire changes. Fast service with no appointments ever.
Edward Sweet opened the first EMS in 2008 inside a 700 sq ft building with two lift benches and a desire to do things differently. After two seasons EMS had to expand to a 1300 sq ft bulding with three lift benches. Another three seasons passed and EMS had to expand again to 2000 sq ft. In March of 2016 EMS teamed up with EagleRider Motorcycle Rentals and moved into a 9500 sq ft location, making us the largest independent motorcycle shop in British Columbia. All the while never deviating from our original concept of just doing the Essential Services required for all motorcycles.
EMS has been featured in The Province newspaper, written up in Canadian Biker and appeared on CBC'S The Dragons Den. We advertise very little and as our clients do all our goodwill work for us. Community is great.
EMS is also involved in our own YouTube Channel and produce a show called Hot Lube where the goings on behind the scene's of a unique motorcycle shop are documented.
What does the future hold for EMS? Manufacturing our own line of M/C lift benches for one. Building industrial furniture and industrial art from old motorcycle parts and whatever we find in alley ways. More oil changes, more tire changes and many more brake pads switched out and always striving to be the first and best motorcycle service location in North America.


At EMS we provide the essential motorcycle services. We do real time oil changes, brake service and tire changes with no appointment necessary. Ever. Be it a Honda or a Harley, we have all oil filters and brake pads in stock at all times. Tire changes are done while you wait and we do not judge if you arrive with your own tires.
We also provide other services such as:
  • Brake fluid & coolant flush
  • Fork seals & fork oil
  • Battery replacement
  • Steering head bearing replacement
  • Chain and sprocket replacement
  • Brake rotor swap
  • Wheel bearing replacement
  • Electrical system diagnostics
  • Some mild custom work.

All you have to do is ask.


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The Team

Meet our team of seasoned experts.
Ted 'The Don' Sweet
Ted 'The Don' Sweet


'Nuff said.



      Eddie McNaughton
      Eddie McNaughton


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